Create a Custom Low Carb Diet


Your New Low Carb Kitchen

Let’s renovate your pantry, overhaul your fridge and stock up on low carb kitchen staples. There are 6 important items you MUST have in your kitchen to whip up quick and easy low carb recipes.

It’s time to create a better, healthier low carb kitchen. You deserve it. The steps are easy – if you know exactly what to do. Here’s where to start:

  • Overhaul your kitchen with a new low carb food list.
  • Add special “forbidden foods” to your low carb grocery list.
  • The 6 important low carb kitchen basics.


low carb veggies for kitchen and pantry


The first step is finding out which foods aren’t good for your low carb diet. Stay strong. This can be a tough process, discovering how much sugar is in the foods we used to eat. Then we need to take action.


Find the Carbs

1. Clear out all junk and high carb foods. The junk food HAS to go.

2. Check the labels of all packaged and prepared foods to find the “net” carb counts. (Total Carbs minus  Fiber Carbs = Net Carbs.)


Be Brutal About Packaged Foods

Unfortunately, most cereals, crackers, rice and candy will have to go. You can still keep some packaged foods which are low in carbs, but limit all processed choices.


What to Do with High Carb Food

If someone you live with can use the high carb food you’re removing from your life, try making separate shelves in the pantry for them.

Don’t want anything risky in the kitchen? Give away or donate your old favorites to a  local food bank or charity.


Overhaul Your Fridge

When starting a low carb kitchen, you will be eating more fresh produce, meats and other perishable foods.

Your refrigerator and freezer will be fuller, and stocked with storage containers, foil packets and Ziploc bags.

It’s time to get some better low carb options in the house, and change what’s in your fridge. Use this low carb grocery list to make all the right choices.


low carb bread slices

Adding Forbidden Foods

Barbecue sauce? Usually loaded with sugar. Mustard? Usually not. Candy? Keep dreaming. There are two choices when it comes to condiments, breads and sweets on a low carb diet:

  • Severely limit or stop eating your old favorites.
  • Replace these foods with new, low carb versions.

The choice is yours, but some low carb dieters can’t always give up easy lunches and sweet treats. If you must eat them, here’s how to deal with bread and sweets on your low carb diet.



Two to three servings of sweeteners are allowed during Atkins Induction phase 1 of the low carb diet. Sweeteners are known to cause diet stalls and trigger cravings. Track your progress and if you notice any red flags, cut these out for a few weeks.

Best Choices

(Type, Serving Size, Net Carbs)

  • Splenda: (sucralose) 1 packet, 1 net carb / liquid is zero carb
  • Stevia: (all natural) 1 packet, 1 net carb / liquid is zero carb
  • Erythritol (all natural) trace net carbs per serving


Sucralose Liquid Sweetener

EZ-Sweetz liquid sweetener is made of sucralose and has no bitter aftertaste. Zero carb, zero calories, zero impact.



De-Bittered Liquid Stevia

EZ-Sweetz’s de-bittered stevia blend has no unpleasant aftertaste. EZ-Sweetz’s blend has none of the characteristic bitterness of typical stevia sweeteners.



Erythritol Sweetener

Now Foods erythritol powder is a natural sweetener that’s non-GMO, low glycemic impact and zero calorie.



The Bread Dilemma

There are many excellent brands of low carb bread. Here’s a complete guide to eating bread on a low carb diet and a free 33 Low Carb Breads list to save or print.

The breads on the list are commonly available in most grocery stores and have only 1 to 10 net carbs per serving.

Make a wrap with low carb tortillas and pita (about 7 net carbs per serving).


Soul Bread

Make your own healthy low carb bread. Original Soul Bread is safe for Atkins Induction, has 1 net carb per slice and is made with all natural ingredients.

Low carb Soul Bread recipes capture the ultimate bread texture: airy but firm; golden-crusted with a rich and tender crumb.


Low Carb Chocolate

To satisfy carb cravings, I adore Unreal Candy. It’s an all-natural, healthy low carb choice with 6 to 11 net carbs per serving, and no artificial ingredients or sugars.


Low Carb Cheesecake

Keep plenty of cream cheese on hand for a quick, Atkins-friendly low carb cheesecake.

Whipped heavy cream flavored with vanilla, lemon or mint is a unique topping for the cheesecake or an after-dinner coffee.


Homemade Low Carb Ice Cream


6 Must-Have Low Carb Kitchen Staples

When you change your way of eating, it’s best to have food in your kitchen that supports your new low carb diet mission. One of the worst situations is feeling hungry without anything appropriate to eat.

Be sure to add these staples to your grocery list:


1. Water, Coffee and Tea

Water is the most important thing on ANY diet, especially a low carb diet. Aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Try a Brita filtered water container in the fridge, a pitcher on your desk or bottled water. Jazz up ordinary water with Splenda-sweetened flavored packets.

Did you know drinking coffee and tea increases weight loss and improves health by adding antioxidants to your low carb diet.


2. Cheese

Adding cheese is a quick way to adjust your protein – fat – carb ratio, ensuring you keep more muscle, stay in ketosis and burn more stored body fat. Select a full variety of shredded and block cheese.

Salami and sliced gourmet cheese makes a flavorful low carb snack.


3. Core Veggies

I’ve discovered bag-o-broccoli and bag-o-baby-spinach come in handy in a low carb kitchen.

Low carb veggie bags of broccoli, peas and cauliflower are perfect for side dishes and stir fry, and the baby spinach bags quickly transform fresh salads and burritos.



Stick blenders and food processors are very helpful. They can shred a zucchini or turn cauliflower into cauli-rice in a few seconds. Spiralizers are another fun, favorite tool of low carbers.


Paderno Spiral Veggie Slicer

The Paderno vegetable slicer makes spiral cuts for veggie noodles in seconds. Zucchini spaghetti, cucumber ribbon strands, sweet potato, radish or turnip curly fries, long spiral squash strands.

The spiral veggie slicer comes with three blades: a shredder blade (small holes), a chipper blade (large holes) and a straight blade.


4. Snack Veggies

Keep a variety of veggie snacks in your low carb kitchen: cauliflower, carrot and celery sticks, zucchini and cucumber slices and eggplant circles.

  • Enjoy crunchy veggies raw with dips.
  • Steam veggies and top with cheeses, spices and sauces.


5. Cooking Veggies

Concentrate on core low carb veggies: leafy greens, zucchini, summer squash, avocado (technically a fruit) and onions.

Limit canned veggies. Most lack nutrients and some are high in sodium. Read every label, and check for added starch and gluten.

Have a good supply of olive oil, herbs, onion and garlic on hand.


6. Fresh Meat and Seafood

Be adventurous! Stop by the market and try something new. Low carb diets are anything but boring.

Grab some steamed shrimp for a cocktail or smoked salmon with cream cheese for breakfast. Salmon is high in healthy omega 3.

Buy marbled cuts of steak, ground beef, chicken or pork chops in bulk.

Avoid sliced deli meats with gluten and starch fillers during the first two weeks (the Atkins Induction phase) of your low carb diet.


Try Something Different

Sometimes, changing the foods you eat raises psychological concerns. You don’t want to FEEL like you have “nothing” to eat.

Choose a variety of options from your low carb foods list, stock your kitchen and try something deliciously new.


Inspiralized Cookbook

Spiral Veggie cookbook

The Inspiralized cookbook shows you how to transform more than 20 vegetables and fruits into delicious meals that look and taste just like your favorite indulgent originals.

Zucchini turns into pesto spaghetti; jicama becomes shoestring fries; sweet potatoes lay the foundation for fried rice.


Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan

Three easy days, one aggressive technique and major fat loss.

insid the almost zero carb meal plan

The Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan is designed to break even the worst stall, burn large amounts of stored fat, and induce deep ketosis – in 3 days.

  • The Technique
  • 150 Recipes (100 under 1g net carb)
  • Shopping List & Sample Menus
  • Printable Meal Planner

If what you’re doing isn’t working, get your meal plan now.