Create a Custom Low Carb Diet


Your Ideal Low Carb Diet

Starting a low carb diet is tricky. Everything is new, and sometimes nothing feels safe. Make your diet IDEAL. Use these seven little tricks to jump start your low carb diet.

  • Seven key ways to create the ideal low carb diet
  • Printable Atkins-approved carb counter for accuracy

These tips lighten the transition of starting a low carb diet, keep you focused and increase your results. The carb counter keeps you honest.


low carb diet read nutrition label


Let’s take a look at the labels on our food packaging, make a few different choices and use every allowed carb to the fullest.

Use your cell phone to take photos of great new food options while you’re in the store. You will create your own visual database for future trips!


Be a Ruthless Label Checker

Food labels must show how many grams of carbs are in every serving. Read carefully and subtract the fiber grams from the total carb count to determine the “net carbs.”


Pull a Purposeful Switcheroo

Juice, soda and sports drinks are full of sugary carbs. Instead, choose sugar free diet sodas, iced tea and seltzer water with lime or lemon.

Watch those sauces and condiments. Carbs lurk in relish, ketchup and barbecue sauces.

  • Try high fat low carb salad dressings for dips and sauces.


Get Fat in a Different Way

Buy heart healthy oils like peanut, olive and coconut oil for cooking and salad dressing.

All seafood, including shellfish and crustaceans such as oysters and shrimp, is high in protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating healthy fats is very important on a low carb diet. Why? Omega-3 fats protect against heart attacks, and are vital to the proper function of brain and nerve cells.

  • Select mackerel, albacore tuna, salmon, sardines and trout.


pick low carb vegetables

Pick Only the Right Produce

The lowest carb fruit and veggies are:

  • apricots, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, cherries, cucumber, grapefruit, green beans, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, plums, spinach, strawberries, sweet peppers, tomatoes and zucchini.

Starting a low carb diet doesn’t mean your options are limited. There are over 100 low carb fruit and veggies to choose from.


Low Carb Stock-Up

Fill your low carb diet with fruits and veggies, fresh fish and shellfish, lean meats and poultry, and full fat dairy. Go grass-fed or organic whenever possible. Organics have more vitamins and nutrients.

Go nuts to increase weight loss and improve heart health. Nuts are rich in magnesium, folate, fiber, copper, vitamin E and arginine. Try almonds, walnuts and peanuts. Carefully measure your servings.


Don’t Drive and Dine on a Whim

Dining out but starting a low carb diet? Seafood restaurants and steakhouses are easy choices. Order burgers without the bun and sauces on the side.

Grab this printable, Low Carb Restaurant & Fast Foods Guide with almost 350 selections from 25 restaurants.


Make Every Single Carb Count

When you start a low carb diet, carbs become sacred. Reach for complex carbs like beans, or non-starchy fruits and veggies.

Avoid higher carb foods that do not contain fiber. These foods will convert to sugar much more quickly than the fiber filled foods.

Not sure which foods are safe? Download or print the official Atkins Diet carb counter.


Get the Carb Counter

Click the Atkins approved carb counter to view, print or save. An essential tool for starting a low carb diet.

Atkins Approved Carb Counter


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